Sell Us Your Vintage

Got vintage? We're happy to take it off your hands!

But first - the nitty gritty of policies & tips for selling with us

    Scheduling Your Appointment:
    • We buy from the public regularly by appointment ONLY (no walk-ins).
    • Buying is typically available T-F from 10am to 3pm; if this timeframe does not work for you, DM us on Instagram to discuss scheduling a drop off.
    • All appointments, including drop-offs, must be scheduled through our online scheduling platform -
    • Appointments usually book a week out, no more than 2 weeks out, so schedule in advance!
    • All appointments should be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to appointment; in emergency DM us on Instagram.
    • Failure to show up for an appointment 3 times will result in the cancellation of any future appointment requests.
    • If you have any questions or feel that you have a very large amount if items, please message us before scheduling.

    About Our Process:

    • We consider all vintage made before the year 2000 in great condition
    • We pay either 30% in a check or offer 50% worth in trade, which can be kept on file for up to one year or spent immediately following appointment
    • We prefer items made of natural fibers in excellent condition from the early 1900's to 90's
    • We do accept select fur items from October to March ONLY
    • Any items that are stinky, damaged, stained, covered in pet hair, etc. will NOT be accepted - we put our inventory directly on the floor 
    • If you are questioning if we would take an item, check out our Instagram feed or website for reference of what we tend to curate

      During Your Appointment:

      • We prefer that you bring everything in a bag or bin (not on hangers)
      • Do NOT show up to your appointment early or late. We stack our appointments and showing up early (or late) makes it very chaotic in our small shop so we appreciate a prompt arrival.
      • Do NOT loiter at the buy counter during your appointment. Our buyers are the focused & thorough curators of our beloved shop so minimal seller distraction/hovering is preferred. Feel free to shop around or go grab a coffee and be back within 30 minutes from the start of your appointment!
      • At the end of the appointment the buyer will call you to the counter to discuss which items we would like to take, how we'd like to price them, and how much of a payout or trade offer you receive for them. You will receive a copy of this information.

      Drop-off Appointment Policy:

      • All drop-offs must be cleared by our buyers on Instagram before scheduling. Just shoot us a message any time and a buyer will get back to you during next business hours.
      • Even though you are dropping off, you still must schedule an appointment so our buyer has a set time for your items.
      • Items will be dropped off at time agreed upon in our conversation on Instagram, buying will occur at time scheduled on our scheduling platform, items and payment will be picked up at time agreed upon in our Instagram conversation.
      • Failure to pick up non-accepted items by your scheduled pick-up time will result in the loss of privilege to drop off for all future appointments. We physically do not have the space or manpower to store/donate any remaining items not accepted. Please understand this is a strict policy.