Sell Us Your Vintage

Got vintage? We buy, sell, and consign daily!

Take a look at our policies and tips for selling with us!

    Scheduling Your Appointment:
    • We buy from the public regularly by appointment Tuesday through Friday and Sunday on occasion. 
    • All appointments, including drop-offs, must be scheduled through our online scheduling platform -
    • Appointments usually book a week out, so make sure to schedule in advance!
    • Can't make your appointment? We ask that you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours prior if possible. Running late the day of? Give us a call ahead of time to let us know! We will reschedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late in order to accommodate everyone else on the schedule.
    • If you have any questions or feel that you have a large amount of items that will take longer than 30 minutes to process, please call us at (512) 912-9779 or message us on Instagram @feathersboutiquevintage before scheduling.

    About Our Process:

    • We consider all vintage pieces that are 15 years and older in great condition, with no cap on age. We also consider some contemporary pieces, so feel free to show us some of your curated modern items! Modern labels that we like include high end designer labels such as Gucci, Prada, YSL, etc. We also love smaller labels such as Esby, Jesse Kamm, Paloma Wool, Rachel Comey, etc. 
    • We pay either 30% retail value, or offer 50% in trade, which can be kept on file for up to one year or spent immediately following the appointment. Another option is to consign with us for 50% of retail value... this is for high end pieces and is up to the buyer's discretion.
    • Electronic payments are made through PayPal. We strongly encourage you to have a PayPal account, but if you don't, we can certainly write you a check. We do not use Venmo.
    • We prefer items made of natural fibers, but are always open to branching out for an unforgettable piece! We focus on leather, silk, wool, linen, rayon, etc.
    • We accept fur and coats year round. The same can be said for sundresses and lighter items. We take the best of all seasons year-round because after all, we have customers from all over the world!
    • We ask that your items be clean, and free of pet hair and odor, in order to keep a hypoallergenic shopping experience for all of our customers. We will stop a buy that features items covered in any sort of hair. 
    • While we prefer items in excellent condition, but we always love a good thrashed tee or jean! We do not launder or repair any items, but will sew on a button as needed. 
    • If you are questioning if we would take an item, check out our Instagram feed or website to learn more about our curation. Even better, come in, take a look around and say hello!

      During Your Appointment:

      • We prefer that you bring everything folded in a bag or bin, no hung items please.
      • Please arrive promptly for your appointment as we usually book them back to back, and want to make sure we give everyone the same time and attention. Regardless of when you arrive, your appointment will begin at the time slot you chose. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES EARLY.
      • Feel free to shop around or go grab a coffee and be back within 30 minutes from the start of your appointment!
      • At the end of the appointment we will call you to the counter to discuss which items we would like to take, how we'd like to price them, and how much of a payout or trade offer you receive for them. You will receive a carbon copy of this information.

      Drop-off Appointment Policy:

      We never want to turn you away! If none of our appointment times work for your schedule, we do accept drop-offs. You will still need to select a time slot so that we can set aside the time to look through your items, but you are free to drop them off anytime within 24 hours prior to your appointment. Let us know when you can come in to drop off, and then pick up after we are done! You can reach out to us after scheduling through instagram DM or email. 


      We look forward to seeing all of your special pieces, and hopefully creating a future relationship based on our mutual love for vintage!