Sell Us Your Vintage

We want your vintage!

Please take a look at our policies for selling with us.



    Scheduling Your Appointment:
    • All appointments must be scheduled through our online scheduling platform -
    • If you have more than 30 items, please schedule 2 back to back slots. We will have to end your appt if we run out of time and someone else is booked next. 

    • Please cancel or reschedule within 24 hours if you cannot make your appt.  We will need to reschedule you if you are more than 10 minutes late. No call/no shows will not be able to sell with us in the future. 

    Preparing for your Appointment:

    • We buy vintage WOMEN’s clothing, shoes and accessories that are 20 years old or older. We only buy items that are in excellent condition... this means NO holes, stains, broken zippers, or missing buttons. We also do not accept items that smell like smoke or have animal on them. We will promptly stop the buy if we see or smell any of that on your items. 
    • We accept modern high end designer items such as Gucci, Prada, YSL, etc. We also love smaller labels such as Esby, Jesse Kamm, Paloma Wool, etc. Do not bring us modern mall brands, business suits or wedding dresses please.
    • We pay out either 30% of the retail value through Zelle, Paypal or a check, or offer 50% in store credit, which is valid for one year. We do not use Venmo.
    • We accept items made of natural fibers like cotton, leather, silk, wool, linen, rayon, etc. No polyester please, I repeat, NO POLYESTER. Like seriously, I won’t even look at it.
    • The 3 main reasons I pass on items are because they are synthetic fibers like polyester, are not actual vintage, or are damaged in some way. Please inspect your garments carefully before you bag them to bring to us. 
    • We are always buying the best of all seasons.
    • Not sure what to bring? Visit our website and Instagram page for inspiration. You can also visit our Pinterest buying board at

      During Your Appointment:
    • We prefer that you bring everything folded neatly in a bag or bin, no hung items please. 
    • Please arrive promptly for your appointment. Your appointment will begin at the time slot you chose, PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES EARLY. Your appointment will not start until the time you have booked. 
    • At the end of your appointment, we will discuss which items we would like to take, how we'd like to price them, and how much of a payout or trade offer you will receive for them. You will receive a carbon copy of this information for your records. 



    Due to popular request, we are now accepting vintage and designer clothing, shoes and accessories by mail for our out of town customers.

    How it works:

    1) Send photos of items to our Instagram page @feathersvintageaustin Don’t have IG? Please send photos to

    2) We will select the items we would like to purchase, and respond to you in 1-2 days. PLEASE NOTE: We are only looking for items in excellent condition, with no holes, rips, tears or stains. We only buy true vintage that is 20 years old or older, unless it’s high end designer. Do not send photos of current mall brands or items that are made of synthetic fibers. 

    3) Mail your items to our store (address below). We accept up to 15 items at a time. Exact prices will be decided upon receiving the items. If you’d like to know how we will price an item, please look through our website and IG page for an idea of our range. We regularly buy the best of all seasons!

    4) We will write up a buy sheet for you to outline our offer. For payment, you can chose to receive 30% of the retail price in a payout via PayPal or Zelle, or 50% in store credit, which is valid for one year. We do not use Venmo.

    IMPORTANT: Any items that are sent in bad condition or not as described will not be purchased, and will donated to Austin Pets Alive thrift store. 

    We’re so thrilled to launch this new program, and are looking forward to seeing your amazing vintage!

    Please mail your items to:

    Feathers Boutique

    1700B South Congress Ave

    Austin, TX 78745 


    Thank you so much for choosing Feathers to sell and trade your vintage clothing and accessories!