Art Shoes

I have always been obsessed with shoes and think of them as more than footwear. They are the art all over my house in lieu of chotchkies. Check out these amazing shoes:

This Ferragamo platform is my all time favorite. They would be so much fun to wear!

Satin and beaded heels from Alexander McQueen S/S 2010

OMG! Pikachu and game boy platforms?

These remind me of Maud

These Vivienne Westwood shoes will remain in infamy for Naomi Campbell.

Love the thorn heel on these beautiful rose sandals.

I’d love to try and walk in these.

These Toga metal platforms are seriously tough.

What would the shoe guy would say if you brought him these to him?

This black fetish shoe reminds me of my painful point shoes.
In modern times, women can feel powerful in a great pair of heels. They are the ultimate statement piece. Throughout history, it was the men that put women in extreme footwear:

These beautiful lotus shoes were a tradition in China for nearly 1000 years. Women’s feet were bound to fit in the 3-4 inch shoes and they had to be carried around because they couldn’t walk.

These are chopine from Italy. They were in use primarily in Venice from the 16th-18th centuries. This pair would’ve been used for wading through tall flood waters.

This gorgeous pair of chopine would’ve been worn by an Italian prostitute. Men had women wear them so they weren’t able to walk very fast.

The Victorian period was also known for fetish shoes. This black lace up pair is an extreme example of a shoe that’s not meant to be walked in. I would love this boot with a more reasonable heel.

Fab new finds 12/6

Feast your eyes on a small sampling of this week’s amazing new pieces. If you see something you love, give us a call at the store!

Calico Gunne Sax dress size small $58

Sequin and fringe cocktail mini size small $78

White fox fur coat size medium $218

FABULOUS white mink coat size medium $298

Quilted leather bomber jacket size medium $68

Chocolate mink stole size medium $98

Blonde mink bolero size medium $128

Sexy studded mini size small $68

Tie dye tunic mini size medium $42

Bell sleeve ethnic mini size medium $48

Colorful 70s poncho $42

Rose print 90s mini size small $38

Turquoise paillette bandage dress size small $88

Striped 70s caftan mini size medium $42

Teal wool bow coat size x-small $42

Shaved rabbit coat size large $128

Black bunny bomber size small $88

Grey bunny bomber size small $78

Red suede jacket size medium $38

1950s suede fringe jacket size medium $148

Tees Plea$e

The price of a vintage band shirt has gotten a out of control. What used to be an easy find in a thrift store has turned into a rare find at a high-end boutique. What’s funny is that people will buy them even if they don’t listen to the band. Just like with sports jerseys, shouldn’t you wear a rock tee because you love the band? Don’t get me wrong, wearing ironic shirts like Cinderella or Twisted Sister can be pretty hilarious. I have grown a small collection over the years and consider myself lucky every time I get a new one.

I have photographed some of my personal collection along with some that I’m currently drooling over online.

The back of my Sabbath Bloody Sabbath shirt. Ozzy Sabbath shirts are more valuable than Dio Sabbath shirts.

My favorite Metallica shirt because it came out before Cliff Burton died and was the original title of their first album.

An amazing Yes jersey I scored on the last trip to New York.

Some times I prefer the back of a tee and will wear it backwards. This Grateful Dead shirt is a great example.

The back of one of my Jethro Tull shirts. Who knew playing a flute could be so rockin’?

The back of my Iron Maiden Powerslave tee. I am most obsessed with Iron Maiden shirts. Their mascot Eddie appears on every one as a different creature. This shirt shows him as the Sphinx.

Here he is again on a slightly different Powerslave tee I saw on Ebay for $250.

Here he is again surfing on a shark on a very rare Hawaii concert tee that’s on Ebay for $900! Regional shirts are very valuable since they were only sold at a few concerts.

This is my favorite!! Eddie is Don Johnson on Miami Vice. This shirt is also a jersey which makes it even cooler.

The back of the same shirt features a hot babe and the dates. She can be yours for $900!

AND…I also found a Texas ’82 shirt which is even cooler since it’s a) a Texas shirt and b) right after Bruce Dickinson joined the band.

I traded out a Motorhead and a Rolling Stones tee for this ZZ Top 1980 Deguelo Texas tour shirt. Totally worth it!

I also love this Rush/Ozzy jersey with Frank Frazetta art on the front. Apparently my dog’s vet was at one of these shows!
The shirts below are on my wishlist:

I saw the same Bob Dylan at a vintage store in New York recently and it was nearly $500…the same price as some of their couture!

These shirts are some of my favorite possessions and I hope to grow the collection much further.